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Control expenses & analyze performance

VIP Software’s products validate claim accuracy for allocation purposes, eliminate expense leakage and enforce SLA’s while providing real-time data that drive business outcomes.

Easily Integrate with your claims ecosystem

The VIP Software platform integrates with all of your business critical apps for accurate invoicing, expense allocation, and performance insights.

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Unlock transparency

Insurance carriers benefit from the control, oversight, and insights that are necessary to optimize vendor management and procurement.

Claims service providers benefit from automated billing that significantly shortens sales cycles while gathering competitive intelligence that leads to differentiation.
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  • Automated billing

    Audit 100% of invoices at the time of submission to catch billing issues before they arise.

  • Vendor management

    Track and manage SLAs and fee schedules for all service providers to ensure accurate billing and policy holder satisfaction.

  • Performance benchmarking

    Compare and analyze claims performance and pricing across regions and loss types.


Better business relationships start here.
The VIP Software platforms delivers transparency and accuracy in billing and vendor management that is a win-win for insurance carriers and claims service providers.
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