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Our platform empowers claims service providers to discover and optimize carrier relationships. Automate your back office with accurate billing, benchmark your performance, and become an industry leader.

Invoice Automation

Ensuring you are always billing your carriers accurately will improve your relationships with key partners and allow you to grow your business. The VIP platform offers QA Assist, which automatically reconciles the invoices you are submitting to your carriers with your fee schedules.

Discover New Opportunity

Carriers can easily discover and onboard accredited service providers right in the platform. Let your performance speak for itself, and allow new business to find you.

Benchmark Performance

Performance is a differentiator that you can leverage to build long term success with your partners. Gain insights into how you stack up against anonymized industry data for pricing and performance, and use that data to improve your operations and stand out from the crowd.

Get Paid Faster

The cashflow crunch that comes with long payment cycle times is a challenge to running a business, and is only amplified in times of catastrophe. VIP Software has an average payment cycle time of 24 hours for accredited vendors in the network.

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