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We deliver innovative software products for P&C insurance companies that automate critical processes and mitigate risk, while providing analytics that enable data-driven decisions to scale profitably.

We’re technology people, and we also understand the business of insurance. Our products are foundational to day-to-day claims operations and allow insurers to process claims with accuracy and efficiency during a catastrophe.

Our customers trust in our competencies and can successfully execute on their business plans because we always align our technology with their business objectives.

Bill Audit Pro: Why You Need It

Meet Bob, overwhelmed VP of Claims for a growing P&C insurance carrier. Fortunately for Bob, and for all sized insurance carriers, there’s Bill Audit Pro.

Our vendor management software automates the process of creating and reconciling invoices, and reporting on expenses and performance. Bob can now handle an influx of claims as his company grows or as they're weathering a CAT.

Watch how Bob's life just got a lot easier.

"Bill Audit Pro is intuitive, improves efficiency and provides a single source to manage IA fee schedules.  It is a time saver and a great management tool.  VIP Software coordinates all necessary training to allow adjusters to easily submit invoices through the system.  It reduces the amount of time that administrative, field and desk adjusters spend creating billing invoices."
Lou Pugh, Property Claims Unit Manager, Rockingham Group

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