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Automate invoicing

Automatically generate and approve invoices that adhere to fee schedules and standards.

Allocate expenses

Eliminate claims leakage by automatically allocating every invoice to the correct claim file.

Manage fee schedules

Keep track of fee schedules across vendor and carrier relationships to ensure accurate billing.

Track SLAs

Track and measure SLA metrics to ensure that policyholders are being served on time.

Benchmark vendors

Industry-leading anlaytics tools for measuring price and performance across loss types and regions.

Integrate payments

Connect to digital payment providers to reduce payment cycle times.

Built on security

VIP Software is committed to meeting the highest levels of security and compliance. You can trust that every feature is designed, built, and rigorously tested for vulnerability or threats.
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VIP Software offers industry-leading tools for claims expense management that are proven to reduce the cost of claims.
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