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With VIP Software, you set your contract terms and we manage the rest. From billing automation to advanced analytics, we've got you covered.

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VIP Software Products

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Automated billing solutions for Claims Service Providers

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Bill Audit Pro

Total loss cost control for Insurance Carriers.

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SLA Manager

SLA tracking and automated enforcement.

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Claims services analytics and benchmarking

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Add Your Contracts

Add your fee schedules and billing rules to automate invoice auditing.

Invite Your Team

Bring your team in and designate roles and responsibilities

Connect Your Tools

Integrate with industry leading platforms like Xactimate, CoreLogic, and Guidewire.

Claims Service Providers

Automated Tools to Run and Grow your Business

Invision stands out as the go-to automated billing solution tailored for claims service providers. Offering a robust suite of tools including fee schedule management, invoice tracking, insightful business analytics, and competitive analysis, Invision empowers businesses to streamline their financial workflows and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Fee Schedule Billing

Invision streamlines fee schedule billing, saving you time and minimizing errors by simplifying the process of updates and management.

Complex Billing

Automate billing workflows by integrating business rules derived from contract terms.

Operational Analytics

Get powerful business insights for informed decisions, optimizing claims service operations.

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmark pricing and performance, unlock growth opportunities.

Insurance Carriers

Complete Loss Cost Control

Bill Audit Pro provides insurers confidence, offering streamlined operations with vendor and contract management, plus robust expense analytics.

Vendor Management

Manage claims vendors, enforce billing rules, and track performance.

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Contract Management

Manage contracts, billing rules, and fee schedules accurately.

Invoice Management

Ensure accuracy, expedite approvals, and gain insights.

Expense Analytics

Unlock insights, optimize expenses, and contain costs with thorough analytics.

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