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Optimize your billing process with SLA Manager. Stay on top of deadlines, streamline deductions, and integrate seamlessly for unmatched efficiency.


Effortlessly monitor SLA deadlines and stay ahead of commitments. Our automated system ensures timely responses every time.

Automated Rewards
& Deductions

Audit invoices before submission to ensure accuracy and compliance. Streamline your process and reduce errors effectively.


Integrate with your existing estimating systems like Xactimate and CoreLogic. Enhance accuracy and efficiency across your billing process.

Not Just SLA Tracking, Get Full Control of Contracts and Fee Schedules Too

Claims service providers and insurance carriers can use VIP Software to automate and enhance fee schedule and complex billing ensuring compliance and optimizing relationships.

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SLA Manager FAQs

Find answers to common questions about SLA Manager.

Who can use SLA Manager?

SLA Manager is ideal for insurers and service providers who need to monitor and adhere to Service Level Agreements for better contractual compliance.

Is SLA Manager a standalone product?

SLA Manager is not standalone; it is an add-on for Bill Audit Pro designed to enhance its functionality.

How are SLA dates tracked?

SLA dates are tracked through multiple sources such as estimating platforms, claims systems, or manual entries.

How are deductions or bonuses applied?

Bonuses or penalties are automatically applied a the time of invoice creation in accordance with the SLA terms specified in your contracts.

How can I report on SLA accuracy?

SLA accuracy is trackable through comprehensive reporting provided by BAP and Invision, covering SLA metrics, penalties, bonuses, and any contested SLAs. Mimia further enhances these insights with benchmarks against industry standards.

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