Operational and Expense Analytics for P&C Insurance claims

Transform your business with Mimia's robust reporting. Gain deep insights, benchmark against industry standards, and leverage our enrichment API to revolutionize your operations today.


Gain valuable insights into your claims operations with Mimia. Identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and drive efficiency effortlessly.


Compare your pricing and performance against industry benchmarks with Mimia. Stay ahead of the curve and optimize your strategies for success.


Bring your data into your tools with the Mimia Data Enrichment API. Empower your team to make informed decisions tailored to your unique needs.

Not Just Expert Analysis, Get Full Control of Billing and Compliance

Claims service providers and insurance carriers can use VIP Software to automate and enhance fee schedule and complex billing ensuring compliance and optimizing relationships.

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Mimia FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Fee Schedule Management.

Who can use Mimia?

Mimia is tailored for business analysts, claims managers, and executives aiming to gain a comprehensive overview of their claims operations.

What kinds of KPIs can you track with Mimia?

Mimia enables tracking of critical KPIs such as average invoice totals, service provider cycle times, cost of service, and rates of invoice auto-approval.

Is benchmarking data anonymized?

Yes, all benchmarking data in Mimia is thoroughly cleansed and anonymized to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Is reporting done in real time?

Mimia updates its reporting daily, following a thorough processing and cleansing of data.

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