Complete Loss Cost Control for Insurers

Bill Audit Pro is a comprehensive loss cost solution designed specifically for insurers. With powerful features like vendor management, contract management, invoice management, and claims analytics, it simplifies the entire process, allowing you to optimize your operations.

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Vendor Management

BAP Empowers you to effectively manage all your vendors, contracts, deployments, and billing rules from a single place.

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Contract Management

Easily track and manage all of your vendor contracts, ensuring fees and terms are applied accurately to every invoice before submission.

Manage Invoices with Precision

Simplify the handling and tracking of invoices, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your financial transactions. Automated auditing and approvals mean you can save time and reduce errors in your billing operations.

100% Invoice

Effortlessly improve loss cost ratios by containing the problem at the source.

Invoicing on

Improve efficiency by auto-approving invoices that meet all contract and SLA terms.


Gain valuable insights into your financial performance with real-time reporting.

Expense Analytics

Benchmark your loss costs, evaluate vendor performance, and uncover trends with our powerful claims analytics feature.

Benchmark loss costs for better decision-making.

Score vendors to ensure optimal partnerships.

Analyze trends to identify cost-saving opportunities.

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Bil Audit Pro FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Bill Audit Pro.

Who can use Bill Audit Pro?

Bill Audit Pro is versatile enough for use by anyone on your team, from administrative personnel to claims representatives, with customizable roles to enhance functionality.

What integrations does Bill Audit Pro support?

Bill Audit Pro integrates out-of-the-box with Guidewire, XactAnalysis, Symbility/CoreLogic, and Snapsheet. Our comprehensive API also supports additional integrations with commercial products and proprietary systems.

Does BAP support batch invoicing?

Yes, batch invoicing is streamlined with Bill Audit Pro. Service providers can easily handle and validate thousands of invoices at once with our provided template.

How to get started?

Getting started with Bill Audit Pro is quick and easy. Simply contact us to get your account set up and start billing on easy mode today.

Still have questions?

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